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Meet Kerri-Lynn Netko

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here and look forward to getting to know you! I’m Kerri-Lynn Netko with Fruit and Veggie Life. After working in the medical field for nearly two decades as a Registered Nurse and watching many family members go through multiple health crises, I realized that although it’s considered healthcare, I was actually in sick care – offering bandaids for symptoms of an illness after the fact instead of preventing, treating, and reversing them. This revelation led me to discover my true calling, which has transformed into my purpose.

I am so grateful to have retired from my nursing career so that I am able to focus on my full-time passion of helping families to live with vitality and design a life they love, a life that matches what they say their priorities are!

I am changing the genetics of future generations to come.  I am empowering athletes (of all types/ages) with a nutritional edge for enhanced performance + recovery.  I am allowing parents peace of mind knowing children aren’t battling picky eating. I am offering wonderful prenatal nutritional support to moms ensuring that their babies are getting stellar nutrition in utero.  I am helping chronically ill + sick give their bodies the nutrition they need to fight. I teach people how to easily grow their own food and how to flood their body with the highest quality and widest variety of whole food nutrition, helping family members of all ages benefit from the solution of one simple change. I am inspiring healthy living around the world + offering an opportunity that is changing people’s lives.

I am married to my best friend, Adam, and our amazing son, little Adam as well as our dog, Bullet, completes our family. We love the Lord, adventure, traveling cross-country in our RV, soaking up quality moments together, exploring new recipes, and sharing our passions with others.

You either pay for your health in prevention or you pay for your disease.

Sure, we’d all like to be healthier. But life often gets in the way. Do you struggle to find time to shop for the ingredients you need to make a healthy dinner? Are you getting the vitamins and nutrients your body needs from that takeout you brought home? We have two different ways to help. Whether it’s helping you grow your own fresh and delicious produce with a minimum of space and fuss or giving you all of the servings of fruit, berries and veggies in easy-to-take capsules, Fruit and Veggie Life is your one-stop shop for living a healthier life.

What if you could sustainably grow delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables without taking up tons of space in your yard? What if you could do all of that without a green thumb, or even the need to get your hands dirty? With the Tower Garden, you can.

This is a unique aeroponic system — in other words, the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil — uses 98 percent less water, grows three times faster and provides 30 percent more yield. So, with a small amount of space and attention, you can produce a wide array of produce that will help you and your family eat healthier — while providing some relief from the rising cost of groceries.


Health experts recommend 7-13 fist size servings of fruits & veggies each day, with an emphasis on a wide variety & eating the colors of the rainbow. Only 1 in 10 adults get enough fruits or vegetables. Juice Plus+ can help bridge the gap between what you should eat & do eat each day.

Our Fruit, Vegetable and Berry Blend capsules provide added nutrition from 30 different fruits and vegetables, and studies show that Juice Plus+ supports cardiovascular wellness, healthier skin and gums and immune system function. These products are beneficial to children playing sports, senior citizens, pregnant women, people with health care needs and anyone who wants to live a life well lived!

Whole Food – Not a vitamin or supplement

No fake promises, only real nutrition

Highly researched, free for kids, and safe

Gluten Free | Vegan | Non-GMO | Non-dairy

Everything we consume either programs our body for future wellness or disease.

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Your health is an investment not an expense. We invest in our financial future. What are we doing each day to invest in our future health?

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  • Earn more than $100,000 in bonuses
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  • Be part of a supportive community of advocates and mentors.
  • Gain knowledge, leadership and a path to success
  • Benefits such as medical insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, life insurance, and tuition reimbursement.
  • Personal growth to meet your goals.
  • Many travel opportunities as business write-offs
  • Bonuses and incentives to boost your income potential.
  • Do a little or a lot – your choice.
  • Deepen existing relationships and create new ones.
  • Experience an honorable career that has a positive impact.
  • All you do is share with others already in your life.
  • Unlimited potential to earn life-changing income.

Let me share my story with you and answer any questions. Connect by email, text or use my calendar link to schedule a chat.

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