Last day of school and that's a wrap on 3rd grade!

We are so proud of this handsome young man!

This morning at the awards ceremony, his teacher said what a good person he is and told us he has such a kind heart.

She has been amazing, and I truly believe teachers deserve so much more praise and appreciation than they receive πŸ’.

He has grown a lot this year in many ways and become even more confident in who he is. 

I learn from him constantly. 

We had yet another year with zero sick days (thanks to my mom hack) which meant we got to take him out for well days like flying to Paris and created more memories as a family.

He made really great friends, and we spent the afternoon enjoying a party at the park with water balloons, the splash pad and then a massive downpour πŸ˜†.

🎢 School's out for the summer 🎢 and that means no more alarm clock and endless vacation time!!
This spring a few of the leaders within my team were poured into during conversations with our CEO. He truly cares about the people!

And since then 3 servant-hearted innovators from our Global Headquarters have decided to invest in this community by flying in to provide value for the families of Clayton all month!

Real (not stuffy) human-to-heart personal conversations allowing each person to know there are solutions to maximize their individual physical and fiscal health goals so that families realize they have a choice when it comes to freedom surrounding the quality of their lifestyle.

It has been an absolute honor to host two of the most AMAZING women in our home this month. They have selflessly set aside their corporate responsibilities to come make a difference, and we have had a TON of FUN gathering together!!!

One more week until the incredible woman who has overseen the development of our world-class products comes to share, right from my living room, all about the family farmers and the quality and research of these functional foods.

You'll be amazed to hear the impact of saying yes to one simple change, not only today but literally for decades and generations to come.

Why does nutrition matter, anyway? I invite you to come learn more at our Happy Hour on May 30th.
Thank you Carmen!! You are always a beautiful hostess.

Super fun "Taco bout Fiesta" tonight 🀩.

These ladies definitely filled my cup to the tippy top.
I pray that as you read this you know you matter, that you are never alone, and you will overcome that one thing you stay up worrying about.

You deserve all the good in the world.

And Jesus loves you!
Your perspective either becomes your prisonπŸš” or your passport ✈

It's been a glorious weekend with zero plans! Isn't free time the best??

Which means time spent with family, relaxation, planning our next vacay (we leave in 2 weeks) and connecting on calls getting to meet incredible women who are ready to have a say in their lives. 

It's a privilege to have an intimate look into someone's deepest desires, fears, and hear what they wish they could change.

Most often it's what they wish they can say yes to, if only those chains weren't holding them captive.

Then to be trusted to offer a real opportunity to unlock and break free by building something tangible from day 1.

We lock arms. The dreamers and the doers are saying yes to start living the life of their dreams. 

$10 never had such a mind blowing ROI.

And I love getting to be their guide to unlock the power that has always been within πŸ”₯.
If only you could have been in the 4 walls of our home tonight...

You would have caught a glimpse of how well we love one another

That the concept of adding more good extends way beyond nutrition 

Hearing the many ways we give back

How real people, their kids, and their parents have had monumental life transformations

You would have seen a culture of generosity 

There was a lot of laughter and smiles, some moved to tears

You would have eaten some good food

And you would have seen how genuine we are

Plus, you would have had a LOT of fun.

You won't want to miss our next get together 🀩.
This man does SO much behind the scenes that goes unrecognized, but without him life would NOT be as easy or fulfilling. 

We truly enjoyed being cuddled up by the fire, looking at the beautiful night sky while hearing a live band play all the hits at the Morehead Country Club, across the river from where we glamped over the weekend. 

Incredibly thankful for him is an absolute understatement πŸ–€.
Such an incredible Mother's Day, so far. 

Chartered a tiki boat and cruisin on island time 🏝.

We work so hard and are there for the big things and small all year through. What a privilege!!

Today, we get pampered 😍.
πŸ’œMoms deserve to be celebratedπŸ’œ

And that is exactly what we did at the Mother Daughter Ladies Brunch today 😘.

Grateful for all of these incredible women in my life and for the joy hosting meaningful get togethers brings each of us.

Cannot wait for our next time to connect Wednesday evening!! You don't want to miss it.
I literally have the best mom...and she gave ME gifts that say 'Best Mom' πŸ’—.

My little man pampered me with one heck of a foot massage tonight. 

My hubby waited on me for dinner. We all agreed on smoothies and they were thick like ice cream!

I got sweet time with my cousin today sitting on the terrace and catching up for hours.

And had the house deep cleaned for 6 hours.

What a fabulous start to Mother's Day weekend!!

Wishing all of you to be just as spoiled 😘.